✡ ASCENSION – November 19 2016- Alien Technology? Pineal Device? // EP057 ✡

In this video I talk about coming full circle, about alien technology, the Agarthans (aka inner earth beings) and how they have positively impacted my life with their ascension light activation star devices! 🙂

Watch MAGENTA PIXIE here (Great Meditation for Ascension): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x6RPjpPU84

This video is for everyone who is experiencing any form of ascension symptoms! In this video I discuss Agarthans, Agartha, the inner earth beings, our star families, alien technology, alien technology for pineal glad activation and acceleration, the reptilians, the draconians, the hybrid program, the hybrids, how movies show us the coming of hybrids, Mantis or Mantid beings, the alien breeding program and much much morrrre!! 🙂


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We are all going through ascension with mother earth!

Listen to you own inner spiritual guidance when listening to any of my work 🙂

On this channel I cover the topics of star people, lightworkers, Qi Gong, Yoga, Queen Nefertiti, dolphins, dolphins and the ascension, whales and the ascension, spiritual dolphins, starseeds, galactic federation of light, past life regression, clairvoyant, paranormal, walkins, galactic channelings, crystal child, indigo test and are aliens real? hybrid child (children), aliens on earth, alien sightings, reptilians, alien abduction stories, ET disclosure, regressions, angels, polarity, Goddess Bast, Thoth, psychic abilities and how alien contact/encounters relate to personal development, 3D into 5D, soul foods, sumerians, annunaki, enki, niribu, hollow earth theory, self love, ascension with mother earth, self appreciation, the law of attraction and all things spiritual, Nassim Haremin, Sirius, Sirian Starseed, DNA Activation

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Just so you all know – I do not own ANY of the images I have used in this video- I am not profiting from any of this – it is just a channel used to talk about interesting topics.
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  1. A Couple months ago i had an experience where like you said an idea was put into my head and it was my mother and my family here on earth telling me to come home and asking me where i had gone , i talked with a friend and she claimed i was connecting to another earth and on that earth i had died and they new how to communicate to me to see where my soul had went. But for some reason i think their is more to it. I had another encounter while sleeping i woke up to red lasers in my eyes and everything was black around me and i asked arch angel Michael to protect me and it went away. The next week i picked up a book and my eyes highlighted a number and i went into the other "world" immediately and it was another one of my family members telling me that they are waiting for me to wake up and that i have been asleep for centuries and i am one of the last ones to be sleeping. I really would like to connect more with who ever is in contact with me i just dont know how , any ideas?

  2. Hello. From 1 Aussie to another. I have a great understanding about reality and what we are. I know my purpose and it is to remove fear, clear blockages and heal. One thing I simply do not agree with (but open to discuss and learn) is this ascension and ET's archons etc etc. how can we chat as I'm worried there are many of us on the wrong path. Thanks

  3. wow that's kind of a long story basically their teachings combined with David Wilcock made me realize our Origins and the truth about our existence it's more of a gut feeling after watching one of their videos it just clicked and I got this awesome feeling and knowing I can't explain it I don't get telepathic conversations like you do is so great to hear your voice again I'm so glad you're back on

  4. Hello Venus thx u for the video message…Peace and love be with you and all life forms..❤????…someone commented on my Dragons and me creating this art by Woodburning…and they said I might from Sirius system or connection to it somehow…can you pls tell some more on the subject…pls ?

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