The 3 Best Diet and Food Rules to Improve your Mediumship and Psychic Abilities

You do not have to be on a special diet to connect with Spirit. You can connect with Spirit after a large Arizona Iced Tea, a Diet Coke and a gourmet Cheeseburger.

There is no requirement that you give up meat, caffeine, breads, pastries, of any of your favorite cheeses. You do not have to stop drinking soda or wine, or quit smoking if that’s what you like and enjoy.

The most important thing you need to connect with Spirit, in relation to input, is maintaining a clear mind and sound body. The more clarity of mind you have, the clearer your message becomes. I always strive to be a clear conduit. Thus, anything that creates a foggy or unclear mind, is best left out of your diet, to receive optimum connection with Spirit.

As unique beings, each of us will have unique foods and drink that will cause us to feel less than optimum and these need to be avoided prior to attempting a spiritual connection.

Does bacon and cured meat give you a terrible headache? Sure, you can still receive guidance after eating a plate bacon, but is your mind the most clear with that headache?Nope!

Do you find that with a cup of black tea, green tea or coffee in the morning, you have a sharper focus and can concentrate better? Perhaps this habit is something worth keeping! However, what if coffee is known to give you a killer migraine? It’s nearly impossible to connect with Spirit through splitting head pains.

Are you lactose intolerant? Eating cheese makes you want to curl up in a ball and not talk to anyone for at least an hour? This is something you may want to avoid prior to connecting with Spirit.

We will all have certain food and drink that provide a less than optimal feeling of health and clarity. In addition,  there is also a unique set of food and drink that will increase our mental clarity and level of sharpness.

Need some rules? A few firm boundaries to follow?

There IS a list of things you can do to improve your connection to Spirit, that will be the same for you, me, and everyone.

drink more water.

Your physical body consists of mostly water and needs water to function. As a being wrapped in  a body full of pores and air pockets, you are continually evaporating and losing water. In order for your spiritual body to function, your physical body must be functional. Imagine trying to have a dinner party, with a barely functioning roof or walls on your house. You could still have people over, but it wouldn’t be the best experience for everyone. The fastest and easiest way to maintain your body is to drink plenty of water.

Drinking water also helps improve your blood flood and the fluidity of your blood – more water, more fluidity in your body. Spirit operates entirely on connecting with you through the fluidity of energy, of thought, of transference, of feelings. The more fluidity in your body, the easier it is to transfer messages to you and for you to receive them with clarity.

Imagine being a shark, and attempting to pick up on the vibration of a small fish, a meal, in the ocean with you, but some distance away. Now imagine that the ocean is made of molasses.

Who would have a better time picking up the signal of vibration from the moving fish – a shark swimming in the fluid ocean of water or the viscous ocean of molasses? Sure, the shark in molasses will eventually sense the movement, sense the fish, but the energy may take longer to travel there and once it does arrive, be more subtle in vibration, due to the denseness of the fluid.

There is more freedom of movement in the water, more flow. To receive faster messages, and pick up on more acute movements of the fish, it is better to be a Shark in an ocean full of water.The best thing you can do to improve your connection to Spirit: Stay hydrated.

increase your consumption of grounding foods.

All foods, all beings, all plants, all animals start as Source Energy, just as you or I.Connecting with Source Energy, with your Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones can be easier when you connect with Source energy on a frequent basis.

As food is linked, connected, and rooted in the earth, it is the manifestation of source energy in the physical plane. Thus, it is grounding, it is centering, and it links you with the source energy that is all around you on the physical plane. Everyone feels better after eating. Everyone feels better after eating a meal that has been grown, harvested, and served in the most natural and true to form way possible. Eating vegetables and fruits that are in season, eating meats that are raised and prepared in your area, and enjoying grains in their natural form are the best way to do ground yourself – connect with Source energy.

You, as a Spiritual body within a Physical body, are like a lightening bolt of electricity needing a conduit to reach the ground. Your body is the conduit, your food is the grounding wire. Ingesting food is like laying telephone cables – it’s better to have new wires, fresh out of the boxes, than old wires that people have been messing with and are all tangled and caught on the christmas decorations in the attic. Thus, the more whole, natural foods you consume, that are closest to their Source form, the clearer and faster your connection will be – the earlier you will actually be able to make a phone call.

In a crunch and need something grounding, fast? I like have a handful of salted almonds prior to a session.

ingest less toxins.

I know what you’re thinking – you aren’t ingesting toxins, you can just skip over this, but wait! Not so fast.

Toxins are anything that have been added to whole foods to preserve them, infuse them, add color, or make them unappealing to bugs and weeds. Thankfully, anything that is not naturally existing in this moment, anything that’s chemistry has been altered as an improvement – has not been improved. And, ANYTHING that is unappealing to an insect, is also unappealing to you. You are a sensitive instrument as well. Go organic.Avoid pesticide and herbicide treatments on your food.

The more modified your food is, the farther away from it’s source origin or source form – the harder it will be for your Spirit and physical body to assimilate and process. The more energy your overall body is spending on processing modifications and intakes, taking out the unprocessable, the less energy it can give to your spiritual body to operate.

And naturally avoid intoxicants prior to a session of connecting with Spirit. While it is 100% possible to connect with Spirit under the influence of marijuana – it’s not going to be received in the clearest for possible. The same follows for a glass of wine or a beer, as depressants, these slow down the energetic reactions and functions in your body. Refrain from consuming alcohol or other intoxicants prior to connect with Spirit.

Eating a heavy meal to prior to connecting with Spirit is not recommended. In fact, I eat my heaviest meals AFTER a day full of clients. With less energy tied to digestion, I have more energy to offer to connecting with Spirit.

Eating a Thanksgiving style dinner makes you want to take a nap? Try to avoid heavy meals within 2 hours prior to connecting to spirit.

Prior to consuming anything try to remember that when connecting to Spirit your goal is to be a clear channel and a direct conduit.When connecting with Spirit, the aim is to receive messages as a clear channel, in the greatest and highest good, and as the conduit (you) – aspiring to be in your greatest and highest state will improve your  link.

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