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Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces Free Psychic Love Tarot Reading. Online psychic Tarot Love Reading and Relationship Coaching for week of August 31, 2015. Share this Free Tarot Love Reading Online :

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I am an Intuitive Psychic and Empath and was born with a Caul (also called a veil). I provide Intuitive Life Coaching for Personal Growth and Empowerment.

The reading I received was a true gift. Angelique has a way of touching your heart, sharing messages we need to hear. Her guidance and messages are delivered with such kindness and genuine caring, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in search of clarity. Maria

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White Lotus Tarot offers practical psychic consultations, not to read your future, but to help you answer questions about life. Intuitive Life coaching by White Lotus Tarot is a process of personal development; the main purpose is to help clients enjoy meaningful balanced life. There is a self-empowerment system involved in the act of consulting. One of the best things about intuitive life coaching by using Tarot cards is how imagery the cards can be. They spark ideas, life experiences, insights, resemblances of major events in a client’s life, etc. Symbols and images in each card stimulate both conscious and subconscious minds, allowing clients to gain better or more complete understanding of any challenge or situation they are currently facing. Intuitive Life Coaching can help you channel the energy behind your thoughts and intentions to create the life you want and desire.

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The cards I used in the reading were:
Ceccoli Tarot Deck by Nicoletta Ceccoli

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