Equinox: The Secrets of the Psychics

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  1. The fact that psychic phenomena is faked, has been faked and much of it debunked does not disprove that it exists for real. There is an agenda in this world to rob individuals of their power, that they should look up to institutions to be told what to think and what to believe. Billions of dollars depend on this continuing, if individuals even understood half the power they hold, the wealthy elite in this world would not be in control, nor would they be exploiting so many of us.

  2. I respect the rational point of view. That's pretty good in some way.

    I'm one of those people who experience these things almost everyday, I can't believe others can't see them. I don't blame others for being skeptical.
    This is not even worth debating since science has it's standards within the five senses.

    But if you really want proof in these things, you can spend a whole lifetime begging for it and still end up skeptical in what you see.

    No one's going prove it to you. All you'll ever get are stories, videos, If you're desperate for proof, then you have to prove it to yourself.  No one can experience these things for you, experience them for yourself.

  3. Thanks for sharing. These encounters are more common than one might think. The Skeptic Movement can give you a way of explaining what you experienced, no matter what it is or how many good reasons there are to accept it, as unreal, if you want it.

  4. I'm a skeptic but then some very odd things have happened to me and in two cases others that I cant explain our thoughts connected.The other I was 7 and simply saw a vision and spoke to Him.He said no one will believe me so why spread what he said I have trouble myself did I imagine all that? probably

  5. The thing about Uri Geller is that he just isn't a very good magician. A good conjurer has to adapt – create new and better illusions. Copperfield's flying, Latimer's Lasers.
    Geller has just a handful of tricks and his act hasn't changed in a lifetime.
    So, he adapts, into a conman. If his paltry tricks are REAL, then it's ok that his act is a million years old.
    But they aren't real. Not even a little.
    I didn't know Geller defrauded an investment firm.
    And he sells magic rocks.
    What a c**t.

  6. Why do I think it's one sided?… Isn't that obvious? Do you think it was actually impartial? Do you think it addressed all sides of the issue? Why do I think it's unprofessional? Because producing propaganda which is designed to give a distorted view of a subject is bad journalism. Why do I think it's crap?… Well, see above!

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