About Joanna123

Psychic Joanna123 has 12 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Joanna123 has recently helped 10851 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Joanna123’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am a medium, born natural clairvoyant, channeler. I am able to tap into energy and receive messages & visions from your angels about ur current situations or life’s questions that anyone might have. I speak directly with spirit to receive this information & details that they would like for you to know. A conscious channeler and trance channeler, sometimes spirit will speak directly through me.


  1. Five stars again, great reading, Joanna knows her stuff, she is seeing things as they were and as that are. I hope the future will come to be as she is seeing it. I have a confidence it will based on ow well she is connecting with the past and the present.” … written by AnnaMariaEwa

  2. She is point on, fastest reader on site, easy going and a lot of integrity. SAVE UP AND GET A READING” … written by Questionlove2

  3. Had few credits and I enjoyed the reading very much. Connected quickly and answered my questions. Thank you very much” … written by greekgoddess71

  4. Joanna123 was not fully what I was expecting but she was nice to talk to!” … written by courtneybdraper

  5. She was so right on! I wanted to have another reading with here coz everything she said about me and my friends are true! Definitely will come back and have another reading with her.” … written by itsuramo

  6. Wow, she truly amazed me with her insights. I totally recommend her for a reading. I will definitely be back! Thanks so much Joanna! You blew me away and made me feel so much better!” … written by missgreeneyes

  7. Verified some things for me that I needed to hear. Connected well with my emotions.” … written by angie_bart

  8. Thank you so much jo for all your love and caring and helping believe!!!!” … written by flyingeagle

  9. She was very intuitive and picked up in my emotions very easily, thank you!” … written by blueberrypigs

  10. Very sweet and understanding and straightforward, thank you!! :)” … written by twenty1stars

  11. It was interesting. good reading was shocked by one fact that you mentioned about me moving… I guess only time will tell =)” … written by luckycharms312

  12. Right to the point and no messing around. I will keep you posted.” … written by thierryfromfb

  13. Straight forward and clear…asked direct questions…hope to see this happen…will come back.” … written by rani4you

  14. Time ran out. She really tapped into my feelings. Hope what she says comes true.” … written by d2k1000

  15. Harsh and wonderful at the same time. Many good observations…good connection as far as I can tell…hope she is right as i would drop to my knees and thank God if it was…my dreams would come true…” … written by AnnaMariaEwa

  16. As always Jo is so good. She is a blessing indeed. I thank you so much, and send you many blessings. Love and light always. ” … written by Pam

  17. Thanks for the head. You said I was going to talk to her soon, I spoke with her yesterday and thank you for that reading.” … written by terrymontreal

  18. She seemed to have a good grasp of things pertaining to my life. I recommend you get a reading asap!” … written by maravilloso002

  19. Sorry I ran out of credits, but thank you for always being there for me. Joanna is the best :)” … written by Cara

  20. Super reading, very pleased, great insight, detailed and to the point!” … written by MrLight

  21. She was very intuitive and helpful. Hope it all happens. Sounded really great and much needed in my life at this time.” … written by poppiten

  22. Joanna is accurate ! She could feel my vibes and its correct ! Try her ! She is real! ” … written by reicaa

  23. You were right about me meeting a man named Mike. I met him a few months ago. Bumped into him this weekend he was happy to see me. Going to be going out with him soon. Thanks for a great reading.” … written by lovelilacs

  24. Thank u so much for this reading ! i hope all comes all u say” … written by Angelapebbles

  25. An excellent follow-up session with Joanna…great psychic insight, details, and clarity…I will be back to update her in the future!” … written by JL

  26. She is really good. Got disconnected due to technical issues. Unable to reconnect with her to complete the read. ” … written by d2k1000

  27. She was fantastic. Honest, knows whats up and just an all around amazing person.” … written by Adrienne

  28. Very straight forward, i can see she cares and she is earnest. i liked her very much.” … written by dmbertault1

  29. Sssssso sweet! right on the dot! have to come back in a couple months to confirm reading πŸ™‚ thanks joanna!” … written by tamtam753

  30. Joanna is great! Straight forward and to the point. Excellent reading would recommend to anyone and will use her again! Thanks a million Joanna!” … written by AkCrazy

  31. Honest and to the point, really good reading, gave me insight and advice. ” … written by warrenkitty83

  32. I enjoyed my reading with joanna this was my first reading with her felt comfortable telling here all see you in chat. thanks again” … written by manolator12

  33. Joanna is very insightful, straight-forward, her chat room is fun to be in she is full of energy and very much everybody’s friend. Thanks Joanna!” … written by kia290542002

  34. i had an amazing reading with Joanna123 she great and very kind lady, I loved her energy ” … written by marybeth1love

  35. She was wonderful, spot on with everything. Told me the absolute truth. She answered every question and even gave me info about someone who was very dear to me without me mentioning him.” … written by syncerepapi

  36. Very nice and seemed pretty good in what she does! Thank you!” … written by missgreeneyes

  37. Joanna is always great she picks up fast on what’s going on,she’s a friend to all and fun to hang with in free chat thanks Joanna” … written by kia290542002

  38. OMG this reading was amazing…she tapped into my energy and said it just how it is…someone who truly understands me. And for the next few months ill definitely keep her posted…xoxo” … written by amy111

  39. thank youou!!!!!!!!!!! Joanna connected with someone from my was amazing…luv her” … written by cherie

  40. Joanna and spirit are amazing…sending so much love and gratitude thank u! x” … written by SHIREEN

  41. She is so accurate and really goes in-depth very quickly. Exact, to the point and honest! ADORE!!!” … written by Questionlove2

  42. Really liked her, she was very sweet but realistic and gave really good advise, fantastic reading” … written by bbdo1234

  43. She is remarkable! She connected with my decease mom. I t was like I was talking to my mom! I highly recommend her!!!! I wish I could give her 6 stars!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!” … written by supermom051959

  44. Truly amazing reading with such a gifted Psychic , thank you so much beautiful joanna xxxxx” … written by tonio73

  45. A lovely reader, she was so fast, so intuned with me and wowed me when she picked on some things right at the start of the reading. She is really nice, I will return and let you know what happens! Love and blessings to you Joanna, love Jade xxx” … written by Jade50

  46. Wonderful reading, love your energy. you lifted my spirits! thank you” … written by hardeep21

  47. I would give her a billion stars!! She is truly gifted and a caring psychic. God Bless You Always.” … written by MaryLeeBrown25

  48. Wow she is amazing at picking up energies.. She is so accurate with what she picks up its spook in a nice way…. 5 stars to her…. Try her she is fantastic.” … written by murdocca

  49. Shes the best around if you want answers shes the one to go to,thanks joanna.” … written by kia290542002

  50. Joanna123 gave me great incite on the next few months. Can’t wait to see the results. :)” … written by courtneybdraper

  51. Thanks so much for the reading! Sorry we got cut off! I will be back soon πŸ™‚ Had a great reading, really confirmed a lot of things I’ve been feeling and gave me confidence to trust those feelings. You were such a big help, I really appreciate it! Such a sweet soul you are πŸ™‚ Talk to you soon!” … written by Kallifornia

  52. She’s really good. I just wish I had more funds to talk to her and finish what we got cut off on. Overall I got my main important questions answered. I will talk with her again when I have a chance.” … written by beautifuleyes999

  53. deep down and well spoken of the situations. I really love hearing her talk and speak her mind. Once she talks you can feel where she is coming from inside and out.” … written by angelic3aries

  54. Love this lady. She is connected to spirit unlike any other. Great help, great advice and fun to work with.” … written by FJ

  55. She connected very well with me and my situation…thank you” … written by victoriansunset

  56. Love Joanna!! Very insightful. She brought clarity and hope to my situation. You won’t go wrong taking her private!” … written by hopefull11

  57. She told me things were changing which it could have been a little more specific in some things… but it wa good reading.” … written by kjcooke1984

  58. What a great reading Jo, you made me feel hopeful and really happy, thank you!!” … written by Aryastark

  59. Joanna you are great, shes fast can connect with you in seconds and know whats going on, she sees your love ones around you also thank you for being who you are a true angel from God ” … written by kia290542002

  60. Recieved a reading, and her insight was unique and easy to understand. Her personality is upbeat, and spunky. certainly enjoyed our chat together.” … written by knightrunner

  61. Very great,hands down very good pshychic good at the details.i would reccomend everyone to get a reading from her” … written by Chris07291992

  62. Great advice, someone who finally read something about me on a deeper level, I only wish I had more money to spend. But she offered a great clarification, and its going to help me get through my day.” … written by msvero

  63. Very good reading guys you need to try her shes the best around, she can guide you where you need to go ” … written by kia290542002

  64. I loved the reading, so relaxed…. She is great.. I will wait now to see if what she said comes true… And I know it will…” … written by harshsden

  65. Thanks so much for being so kind, patient and for answering all of my questions. You were great, once again!” … written by missgreeneyes

  66. Always the best to hear her speak her mind. Tell the truth always.” … written by Angelic85Aries

  67. She was very good. Straight forward. She knew a lot. I hope her predictions come true. Thank you Joanna!!!” … written by nytango1234

  68. Thank you, that was a great reading picked up on what was going on” … written by nickmcgyver

  69. Great Reading !!! Dead on the money with my impatience! Made Me laugh and exceptional reader.” … written by kiki228

  70. Its scary how on she is.. Shes worth that money!! Pick her everytime.. Please.” … written by Korbyl

  71. Joanna was great, a very lively spirit with alot to say, doesn’t sit around and make you wait for information , it keeps flowing. I can’t wait to tak to her again” … written by bella

  72. Insightful, very accurate, a lot of information in a short time. Love her!” … written by gastonmai1

  73. Jo , you are the best and everything is spot on thank you so much always good coming back to let you know , everything you say is right .” … written by tonio73

  74. Joanna is always consistent of what she reads on me and gives me warm feeling for healing… Thanks Joanna! ” … written by K. 602

  75. She is great just love her. Very intuitive. Straight to the point. Joanna you are the best!!!!” … written by nytango1234

  76. Jo Jo is the best every, love your readings thank youxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” … written by tonio73

  77. Lovely woman, very helpful and answered alot of my questions in a short time.” … written by madisonjane

  78. Amazing. Knew immediately that I was psychic and have the gift of feeling. Helped me figure out the problems in my life and made me feel more optimistic about the future. Very comforting. Words couldn’t describe the emotions I felt from this conversation. Thank you” … written by Nebulum

  79. Joanna gave me wonderful news I had never imagined..God bless her and her Gift and hope all she told me will come to pass…Beautiful person both inside and out..I connected very well with her and this was the first reading..” … written by acealways

  80. She was very sweet and gave me lots of positive news. Ill keep u updated :)” … written by De5pina

  81. Aw Im sad I ran out of credits but I must say she is so amazing!! I really enjoyed talking to her.. It was like talking to an old friend and she is so spot on about my situation. ” … written by iPreferMimi

  82. This lady is Gods blessing to us, she is so in tune and loves to help us see the way it is, she has fun in her room and helps people have a great time, thank you Joanna” … written by kia290542002

  83. She is a good reader, picks up on things you don’t tell her.” … written by baxter51865186

  84. Joanna is warm and caring. Worth every cent and knows what you need to focus on πŸ™‚ ” … written by indigo_eagle

  85. Thank you soooo much…very gifted, know things, does not fish and it is amazingly impressive with accuracy. she also has a great sense of humor…i highly reccomend her. it is hard to find people you can trust like this…don’t pass go here.” … written by sea4me

  86. She is very talented and gifted! I should have bought more time. I would love to just speak with her or skype instead, so much easier than this platform….. because she is the REAL DEAL! ” … written by sea4me

  87. OMG, hit everything dead on and was right. Joanna is amazing, I cant wait to get another reading!” … written by lenorajane

  88. Really good connection. Picked up on so much about the situation. Thanks so much jojo :)” … written by sunflower9

  89. This woman really really sees things i like that. i will come back xoxo” … written by mashmellowbunni3

  90. As always u are the best ,trust only you ,you dont fish for answers and are here to help us, also we have fun in your room u keep us laughing thank you very much” … written by kia290542002

  91. The way a woman can see from woman’s perspective, she is an eye opener. Great!” … written by mojasudbina1978

  92. Im absolutely stunned in the way how you know precisely details of story before i even said, especially about important topics. This is incredible… ” … written by mojasudbina1978

  93. Very good reading. connected well, was confident in everything she told me. knows what she is talking about” … written by mini1214

  94. You give a realistic picture of the things that already are, but also on what to expect for future as well.. Like it that way” … written by mojasudbina1978

  95. OMG awesome reading, thank you and wonderful advise I will use.” … written by corvettime02

  96. Jojo rocks…Thank you so much. Connect fast and is very informative.” … written by Scorpio1112

  97. You get right to the point, the way what person is going through to the way what one is in fear of.. Amazing.” … written by mojasudbina1978

  98. Joanna – She is my big sister and she has done some readings for me that were off the charts and she is medium and I have spoken to a few loved ones who have passed. What she told me to do, I finally did and things are coming to fruition. Wonderful person and dear friend. ” … written by eli

  99. I like my loud mama she saw a lot in the matter of few minutes in the cards. Joanna danna danna lol did it again.” … written by mashmellowbunni3

  100. Wow, she blew me away !! She knew names and she knew my situation which is not a normal situation!! She also gave me messages from a love one that past away months ago. She has an incredible gift!! I will be back , what a blessing and what a beautiful light! Thank you ” … written by Sara


  102. From womans point of view the best what man can get for advice.” … written by mojasudbina1978

  103. One of the sweetest girls I know and told me stuff I didn’t know. I’m amazed that she is well connected and read me like a book!!!!” … written by flyingeagle

  104. Jojo is fantastic…so completely on spot with her details, what a great friend she has been to me…such a wonderful lady, great heart…lovely person…thank God for people like Jojo….Go to her, you will not be disappointed…..she is the real deal….!” … written by Maiden14

  105. I think you read it right but my roommate just gave a lecture on how she is my roommate. I think your right on and she (roommate) does not agree. but I believe what you said especially about making money is true.” … written by flyingeagle

  106. Thank you so much for the reading and we love you and your room” … written by flyingeagle

  107. She’s AMAZING!!!! I’m very pleased with my reading!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!” … written by snowwhiteprincess

  108. As usual it was an excellent reading with a good friend feel like we’ve known her forever. God Bless you jojo we pray for you everynight!” … written by flyingeagle

  109. Thank you Joanna!!.. on spot with your reading andamp; my situation.. ” … written by lagirl

  110. I hope all is accurate as it sounds like a wonderful future is in store after all the struggle. She tuned into me very well.” … written by IsabelSpiegel

  111. Thanks for your info. I wish I could chat more. I have been in semi solitude and doing a lot of reflecting. I have disconnected some people. I just hope my daughter will finally understand what has been the wedge (her father) between us but until then I realize it is pointless to work on our relationship. I will take your advice and try to disconnect. I will listen to my body and see what is going on on the left side, besides the side effects of the neck injury. I have always felt I have good qualities, just tired of those who feel they know it all and try to beat me down. Thanks, I appreciate your time.” … written by cacowgirl

  112. Love jo she is such a good spirit and she eased my mind about alot of things…” … written by lovewithin74


  114. Picked up on everything. loved her energy its amazing. Knew me like a book. amazing amazing, I do not regret reading with her. I didnt have to ask her any questions, she got right into it” … written by moosuga

  115. Just a wonderful friend and looking forward to talking to her again.” … written by flyingeagle

  116. Your a part of the family now sweetie. Don’t know what we would do without you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo” … written by flyingeagle

  117. Jojo is really awesome. She does not beat around the bush and tells you how it is. And she’s fun!” … written by stillhotat50

  118. As usual your right on and thank you for listening to believe. love ya jo talk to you again soon! ” … written by flyingeagle

  119. Thanks Joanna that was a great reading and very compfotable with you. 5 star” … written by myeyesee

  120. Great reading she pinned me and my concerns and saw things I didnt tell her, will be back” … written by maxmusclegirl1

  121. Can’t praise you enough Jojo, you are so right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” … written by flyingeagle


  123. Firstly she is so beautiful. My reading with Joanna was very good. She was helpful. I have to wait to see if job comes on the time frame she gave me.” … written by jasmail

  124. JoJo is a wonderful to talk to. I could have talked longer but I’m no Donald Trump.” … written by jack_of_trade

  125. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!! Joanna is sensational and truly gifted! She was spot on with my situation…You have to take her private. You won’t be disappointed!!Thanks Joanna for great reading.” … written by marionlyttle

  126. She is hands down the best! If she is not on, She is worth the wait! Gotta Love Joanna, She knows her stuff!” … written by surfryder

  127. I love you Joe and I did see the spirits, it scares me a little, but I think I Know what your saying thank you so much.” … written by flyingeagle

  128. Very fast and accurate! I loved her relaxed reading style and her straightforwardness. ” … written by diamondsarenice

  129. Joanna delved into my concerns so quick and gave me the spiritual messages that I needed to hear. She’s honest and will tell you how it really is, but also compassionate and kind. ” … written by thisjourney

  130. Awesome.. you saw things well… I hope you are right… two weeks… there is something in two weeks. I wish you all the touch you can handle” … written by gardhard49

  131. Thank you again for your honesty, Joanna. If any of the subscribers are looking to do a reading, please do so with Joanna … You’ll be amazed!” … written by stillhotat50


  133. I really like joanna. she is a fine woman who is very caring and trustworthy. she has given me good advice and im going to listen to her. i hope things will come out as she says. thank you love suzanne.” … written by Bondibeauty


  135. Joanna is FANTASTIC!! She is VERY ACCURATE!! Than you so much for your help with everything! ” … written by whiteaquarius73

  136. Jo is a great person to deal with all our problems we sometimes forget shes human and has her on things in life to deal with much love jo thanks for everything.” … written by kia290542002

  137. Very helpful and caring… Great advice!!!! Thanks again, JoJo xoxo” … written by eleventwenty2

  138. Twice in one night still incredible reading. Thank you so much.” … written by flyingeagle

  139. Joanna123! Is very detailed and connects great. My 3rd call in one day! She is a definite must call. I know I will be calling back.” … written by LadyDeeVa888

  140. The absolute best!!!! Connected so much!! Thank you! I feel much better!” … written by LadyDeeVa888

  141. Connected very well !! Very spiritual and informative !! Thank you so much!” … written by Butterfly579

  142. As always you were right on, again thank you so much for your friendship and love, as always, love ya dave and annie.” … written by flyingeagle

  143. Made me feel very at home and was very open with me. Will always come back.. amazing woman!!!” … written by Michael8676

  144. Wonderful reading, really in tuned. Helpful, and on point. Her information resonates deeply with me. Glad to have met her. Really want to thank her for her wonderful help. Thanks Joanna!” … written by MerkabahMan633

  145. I really loved my reading with Joanna, she picked up on so much that I was confused about and it took away a lot of anxiety and confusion. Will definitely be back for future reading. Truly gifted!” … written by angelloverose

  146. I really think jo is a cool cat . This reading has really opened my eyes.” … written by surfryder

  147. This lady is amazing, really. Go into private and you won’t be disappointed. Thank you, Joanna!” … written by bridgette222

  148. Joanna is the best! Love talking with her and she is extremely accurate – a must call!” … written by LadyDeeVa888

  149. I always feel better after speaking with Joanna, she is great!” … written by LadyDeeVa888

  150. Thought she connected very quickly. Very nice, enjoyed the reading. She was very good and very professional. Easy going. Liked her!” … written by bacidoll

  151. Thanks Joanna is wonderful and knows what she’s talking about!” … written by LadyDeeVa888

  152. I really like Joanna’s readings. Very professional, nice person, out for my well being.” … written by bacidoll

  153. It was a very quick session, but she did an excellent job!! Thank you Joanna!! xo” … written by Danika70

  154. She’s very accurate and she would tell you things you didn’t have to tell her. She knows exactly what you want, the moment you step in private chat and she can tell how you’re feeling. I’d come back for another reading.” … written by fairmemories

  155. Have a happy Thanksgiving jojo! Love and light to you and yours this season.” … written by flyingeagle

  156. Great help!! Too fast, but very very helpful!! I highly recommend her!” … written by light9

  157. Highly recommended for a reading. You’ll be surprised at what she can tell you.” … written by flyingeagle

  158. I was pleased with her advice and accuracy. I like that she kept the conversation going.” … written by RAYLENEB1983

  159. Jojo is wonderful and the funniest psychic on here. Always has a smile on. She taps into your energy and soul’s journey πŸ™‚ ” … written by indigo_eagle

  160. Well I guess will say that joanna123 is the perfect psychic to go to for anything.” … written by themightyzorgon


  162. Hey Jo, glad to touch base with you again after awhile. What you said in the past has come true with me and V and in my head I laugh and think wow Jo said this was gonna happen. I hope what you predicted going forward also comes true. You really give me so much clarity and provided me with insight into what he thinks that other psychics have not picked up on. I’m thankful for that becuz now I know. I’ll chat with ya again soon. Thanks so much!” … written by greek07chick7

  163. Greaaat!! loved her so sad my time was up. I would definitely do it again.” … written by sara4102

  164. Another reading to keep us focused thank you again jojoxoxoxoxoxoxox” … written by flyingeagle

  165. Honesty and accuracy with Jojo plus kindness beyond comprehension. Very connected and quick! ” … written by Mushupork

  166. Jo jo is always good! Get a reading from her, she is awesome!” … written by otessascaptain

  167. Jo jo is very good, I had an awesome reading. Get a reading from her, she told me things I did not know about myself, wow………….” … written by otessascaptain

  168. Missed talking to you – great update. Love talking to her. She is very accurate :)” … written by LadyDeeVa888

  169. She is amazing. I love her. If you need clarity she will provide in. Best on Oranum.” … written by FrankJ

  170. Had a great reading with jojo cant wait for the next one she new what to say for everything” … written by TheTrippleT20

  171. Joanna is beyond amazing.. I just have to say she is so gorgeous lol but as far as the reading, she is so honest compassionate, and non-judgemental. Her insights are spot on, she picked up on all the changes I’m going through and her advice is valuable. It’s like talking to a good friend. ” … written by iPreferMimi

  172. Joanna is right on! She always makes me feel better when I talk to her!” … written by stillhotat50

  173. Jo jo is always good, she is so good, she sees things that not everybody sees, very good reading.” … written by smurfgiant

  174. Joanna is great. She knows what she is saying and is clear and to the point in all areas.” … written by barbiesline

  175. It’s JoJo, that’s all you need to know! What’s not to like?” … written by surfryder

  176. Joanna, I know you tell me things from your heart! Thank you always for being a strong supporter for me and I love your warm heart, I love your laugh!!! Happy new year my love jojo!!!” … written by yk1602

  177. Thank you jojo for your information we love ya happy new year love and light to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!” … written by flyingeagle

  178. A lot of clarity. Knowledgeable and motivating. And she’s good. she knows what she’s doing. And it helps.” … written by nahushj

  179. WOW! I didn’t have to tell her anything, she knew instantly. Will be coming back to let you know how everything goes.” … written by rosiep

  180. Jojo you have been a great help and a great friend, thank you from the bottom of my heart!” … written by swosatka

  181. Accurate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazingly so!! ” … written by ri6888

  182. I love me some jo jo time ! She is so cooooool It just Amazes me how fast and How she just knows what she knows! AWESOME!!! Thanks jo love ya” … written by surfryder

  183. AMAZING!!! Definitely will be back, she is so right on everything!!” … written by leebee4

  184. I had a beautiful reading, told me like it is, to do some cleansing, do some work on my own about myself, that love is coming by April, may and that I will have to choose, well I already know my choice. She was right on, will recommend her completely 100%. Will come to see her again as things start to come together for me. Thank you Joanne for such a wonderful reading.” … written by lisapatrick

  185. I felt Joanna’s energy through my computer screen and HAD to get a reading. I’m telling you, this woman is the real deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!” … written by CatherineLoree

  186. Very honest! Insightful! Totally resonates. Not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear :)” … written by frankiecostello

  187. Always love talking to JoJo… She puts my mind at ease! xoxo” … written by eleventwenty2

  188. Jojo is always good she doesnt play games she is real and she tells it like it is, awesome readings…..” … written by smurfgiant

  189. Really sweet πŸ™‚ Honest and gives good details! Recommended highly :)” … written by ash2244

  190. The first time I met jojo, I already liked her, she is one of a kind and very sincere. Thank you for the wonderful reading. I miss you!” … written by AutumnFairy

  191. Always feel great after a conversation with Joanna! She is wonderful! :)” … written by LadyDeeVa888

  192. Whemmm, such a load off my mind, she is such a wonderful person and knows all!!!” … written by LadyDeeVa888

  193. She is great, everyone needs to talk to her and she will share what she sees good or bad, thanks Joanna hope to talk to you again soon.” … written by bella

  194. She is great!!!! Love talking with her. She knows what she’s talking about!” … written by LadyDeeVa888

  195. I promise you she is worth ever dollar you spend.. I have never had someone dead on without you having to say a thing. She helped me get in touch with my dead father that I was never able to meet and she brought so much love to me just know he was right here with me and to know that he wanted me to know that he loves me. I’m still in tears.” … written by RebeccaL28

  196. Another great conversation with Joanna. She is so very helpful!!! If you haven’t spoken with her, you are missing out!” … written by LadyDeeVa888


  198. She was good! So awesome, instant connection!!! Do not hesitate to reach her :)” … written by epa0404

  199. She is awesome and will give it to you straight. Love her would highly recommend to anyone.” … written by gagirl31

  200. Thank you so much! Always feel better after speaking with Joanna!” … written by LadyDeeVa888

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