Kasamba Review

Kasamba Highlights

  • Offers many rare services like Kabbalah, I Ching, aura readings, and even pet psychics
  • Pricing starts as low as $1.99 per minute for some advisors
  • The Kasamba blog features articles written by their psychics to get to know them better


  • Special introductory offer of 50% off your first psychic reading
  • Offers refunds if requested within 72 hours of a psychic consultation if you’re dissatisfied
  • Profiles and reviews of psychics to help you select one for a reading
  • Offers unique services rarely found on other psychic reading websites, such as pet psychics, aura readings, and spellwork
  • A wide range of pricing, with rates starting as low as $1.99 per minute


  • Kasamba acts a platform for independent psychic readers, without a screening process
  • Some psychic reader rates run as high as $19.99 per minute
  • The three free minutes promotion is too short to get an accurate feel for a psychic or the service

Psychic Selection Pool

Kasamba offers a platform for independent psychics, so there is not a screening process. In fact, they charge psychics a fee to join. With psychic reading sites like this, carefully review feedback and length of time working through Kasamba. You might get lucky with newer, cheaper psychics, but it’s a bit risky. Compared to some other sites, which have very strict screening rules, this is certainly a big consideration.

Choosing a Reliable and Accurate Psychic

Their search filter can sort psychics by rating and rates, but with so many psychics signed up with this company, it could get a bit overwhelming making a choice. Kasamba has put a freeze on adding new psychics, so hopefully a natural pruning process will take place that weeds out some weaker psychic advisors.

Kasamba has a clearly structured their site so that you can quickly find the area you want to look into. For example, if you want a “love psychic” you can choose one that specializes in divorce, dating, or even infidelity. It’s an easy way to break down your search.

Pricing Structure

Rates for psychic readers start at $1.99 per minute, and can run as high as $19.99 per minute. Kasamba offers three free minutes, but you’d be well-advised to hold out for a better promotion, as you’ll barely get a reading started in three minutes. A tarot reader, for example, will likely take a minute (or more) just to find out in what kind of guidance you’re seeking, shuffle the cards, and deal them. Make sure you get a promotion where you can really get to know the service at a reasonable rate. Each type of reading and each psychic are priced differently, so . you can either connect to paypal or enter your card details, and you will be charged according to what you use.

Method of Communication

Kasamba have excellent communication options. And although the means of communication varies per psychic preference, you’ll find a variety of phone, chat, and email options available. Meaning you can choose how you prefer to receive your reading.

Guarantees and Refunds

If you aren’t happy with a psychic reading, submit a refund request within 72 hours from the end of the reading. You do this by completing a “support ticket” in their solutions center. All requests are subject to approval by Kasamba, but it isn’t clear how long that may take.


With a wide array of psychics offering different specialties and different price ranges, you’re bound to find someone who fits your budget and your needs. Kasamba offers some unusual niches, yet has become one of the biggest psychic reading services in the world, focusing on allowing psychics to independently set their rates and run an independent business with the support of a large company.














  • Kasamba sets itself apart by being the best at chat based readings. Recently, select Psychics have begun to offer telephone readings, however, not all Psychics on the network offer phone readings. Kasamba sets itself apart by specializing in chat based readings, and they are the best at it. Kasamba was previously Live Person. Kasamba was founded in 1995 as a place for people to get advice from experts on many different subjects including law, finances, and even psychics. Recently Live Person spun off the Kasamba brand is now an official psychic network! We found chat based readings were great because they kept a log of all your chats, so you can always go back and read what they said anytime you want. The downside is, if you get a slow typer on the other end it can really rack up your minutes. Fortunately Kasamba doesn't charge you for the time that you or the Psychic aren't typing. Idle time is never billed to you. You also don't get the personal connection you make when you speak directly to a psychic via the phone, but they have fantastic psychics. Prices vary depending on the advisor you choose, anywhere from $1-20 per minute. You can either download and install Kasamba's chat client, or use the online chat feature. We preferred the chat client over the web based one because of all the features but the online version works great if you can't install software.


  • Kasamba has a special for new customers. Currently new customers will 3 minutes free with purchase, AND $1 a minute! This is a fantastic deal and a better offer than any other network right now. If you're looking for a chat reading this is an incredible deal that you shouldn't pass up.