Keen Review

Full Keen Review

Keen‘s website boasts 1000’s of “certified psychics” the funny thing about that is none of these psychics have been certified by anyone. Keen is actually owned by the phone company AT&T. Anyone who calls themselves a psychic can join up and start making money off unsuspecting customers. There is no screening process or verification. Psychics pay money to be featured on their site, and be issued a Keen phone number. Keen used to be good but lately their directory is filled with a bunch of new, in-experienced psychic advisors now. I really can’t recommend Keen anymore. I’ve been ripped off by too many of their so-called psychics. If you’re looking for real advice I recommend you avoid Keen. Don’t expect to get your money back if you get a bad reading either .. I never could. was founded over 10 years ago by a real psychic. Recently the owner sold the company to AT&T, the phone company, and they have slid downhill since then, to the point now that they are worthless in my opinion. Their feedback system is nice but I feel it is easily manipulated.

Screening Process For Psychics

Keen has virtually no screening process for psychics. They have some requirements when psychics sign up but nothing that verifies a psychics authenticity. The reason Keen has more psychics online than any other service is because they will let pretty much anyone give readings.

Keen Website

Keen has recently updated their website to make it more friendly. I like the new design and I found it very easy to get around and very quick to respond. Finding a psychic and scheduling a reading with them was simple. It’s unfortunate their psychic advisors are so hit or miss.

Deals For New Customers

Keen offers 3 minutes free for new customers. You have to sign up, provide a credit card and purchase additional minutes to get your 3 free minutes however. I found the 3 minutes went by fast and I spent them all just trying finding a competent psychic. Keen has the worst new customer deal out of all the psychic services online.

Customer Service

I’m fairly certain Keen doesn’t have a customer service department. At least I couldn’t get a live person to respond. I got a lot of auto-response emails telling me that support will be in touch soon but I never got any sort of contact. Keen doesn’t provide phone support only email support.