Hi Im Tanya, welcome to my you tube channel. Im a psychic intuitive tarot reader. My belief is that tarot is here to empower and guide us, my readings are honest and genuine and often fun.
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  1. Tanya your advice is always very helpful to me and I assure you, I'm most likely to go with it whether resistant/hesitant to do it or not and whether it hurts me to let go of the past. I have went through a lot and I do feel as though time to myself is much better for me and has helped me recover rather than spending time focusing so much on the past. I do feel as though the Universe is guiding me in the right path/direction and I have let that happen to me so far…I would hate not to and to go back to the past again, because I do see the past as you said hasn't let me to happiness anymore as it used to be for me and it probably still won't…perhaps not now, unless it is meant to return for me and is for good…I think I do need time to find and focus on myself 1st and move forward. You always answer any confusion and doubt I feel or think of. Thank you for your advice and the Universe for help! I hope your cold's remaining effect goes away for you soon!

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