Psychic Access Review

Full Psychic Access Review

Psychic Access is one of the newer, lesser known Psychic networks but I have to say they are fantastic. They are owned, and operated by the world renowned psychic DougC. Psychic Access provides several ways to reach out to real Psychic advisors including live web cam readings, email readings, as well as free chat rooms. Every psychic hired by Psychic Access has been rigorously screened to make sure they are an authentic Psychic advisor. Only 5% applicants to Psychic Access are hired. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you aren’t happy with your reading.

Psychic Access was founded in 2005, by the a well respected psychic that goes by the nick-name DougC. Even though this company is 4 years old they have proven that the customer comes first. To this day Psychic Access is owned and operated by a true Psychic. Their psychic screening process is on par with Psychic Source.

Screening Proess For Psychics

Psychic Access is one of my favorite psychic networks because they have a very strict screening process. Each psychic that applies to Psychic Access is personally interviewed by the owner who is also a well known psychic advisor. That is really only something you get when you do business with a privately owned small business. Apart from Psychic Source, Psychic Access has the best new psychic interview processes anywhere.

Psychic Access Website

The Psychic Access website is very simple to use, and laid out well. It’s not as fancy as some other psychic services, but it works wonderfully. You can purchase minutes right from the website, schedule a psychic reading, and contact customer support all using your login to the website. Even though it’s not pretty it was by far the fastest and easiest to use out of all the psychic networks I use.

Deals For New Customers

Psychic Access has a pretty good deal for new customers. When you make a purchase you will automatically get 6 minutes free. You can use the minutes for a chat, phone or webcam psychic reading with any psychic that’s online. The extra minutes are nice especially if you’re on a budget or if you ask a lot of very short easy to answer questions.

Customer Service

I have always been happy with Psychic Access‘ customer service department. They provide phone support during normal business hours, and weekends. Email support is available 24×7. I always found their customer service polite, and fast the few times I have had to use it.