Psychic Bob Addresses the Terror Attacks in London

My most sincere heartfelt sympathies to the people of the United Kingdom who have had to experience the horrors of today.
Bob Hickman
Psychic Medium
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  1. I believe that historically every major religion has had factions that became radicalized. Some worse than others. Examples include witch burnings, Ruby Ridge, the KKK, etc. We have to stand together for peace.

  2. Amen Bob….there is a bad minority..I studied abroad in 1980 during the Iranian hostage crisis in France,{ and from USA and a I am modern Christian and love your way with words and help and faith in all that is and gifts,,,,,,} with wonderful and not wonderful, accepting and not accepting Islamic folks…even then, the with the ones getting away from the more strict new regime. I do not think it is just the political issues and mistakes of all countries. And this radical issue is above politics Left and Right. Wonderful comment!!!!!

  3. Bob it's like I'm one with you lol, Our views are so exact it's almost scary. Would love to meet you some day…. We used to chat years ago when YouTube had private messages lol…. I used to make Ghost videos, Anyways if you ever want to chat or something I would sincerely like that, You're a Beautiful person and while I don't always comment I always watch your vids… ?

  4. So shocked by today's events. I have family in London and thankfully they are ok. I have walked across Westminster Bridge a few times on my visits there and it has always been a busy part of London. My heart goes out to all who were victims and witnesses to this horrific ordeal. Peace to those people and prayers for healing to all the people in London, both residents and tourists. Blessings to all ?

  5. My husband is Muslim and both him and I are sick of all these attacks. In Australia a lot of the people who are being brainwashed into radical Islam are young men in their 20s or younger which is frightening because of their age. And also a majority of them are born in Australia. I have always wondered why this happens?

    I love your videos Bob. Thank you for your positive words. 🙂

  6. My god, when will all of this horror stop? I feel so badly for those people. Imagine what this world would be if everyone looked, acted, believed and thought the same. The world would be beyond boring. We are all different in many ways, and we need to accept those differences, not force others to follow our ways and if they don't, kill them.

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