Sexual Expression in Astrology! Secrets and Tips from Psychic Astrologer Candace!

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  1. thanks for helping to break this down Candace. I have my sun, moon, Venus, and Saturn all in the 8th house! ? and in virgo to boot. I love physical touch and I love sex too. I also love when people divulge deep secrets and thoughts to me about their life stories. I take it to heart that they trust me. I certainly have had some intense romantic relationships! my new year's resolution is to find a partner who vibrates at the same level as me and who can connect with me in the bedroom because that's how I connect best romantically, by touch (of course!) with respect, but also spiritually and with my son, who is my little Leo King! Anyway, I hope this helps other people struggling with planets in the 8th house. Transform, transform transform!

  2. I have venus and Jupiter in pisces in the 8th. sex freak/fantasy is right. I have a high sex drive and get bored. no I don't screw around alot. but if I'm attracted to someone it's also a karmic attachment. I have to be very careful to see them clearly and take off the rose colored glasses. it's very painful letting them go. that's why I can't afford to fuck it up and why I've been single. most guys aren't in a position for a serious relationship, they want a fling. so I don't bother, and they get mad because they are hot and bothered, not my fault✋ sorry boo??

  3. -I think that someone who has Aquarius in the 8th house can be detached when to to comes to sex. I wouldn't be surprised if someone with an Aquarius 8th cusp and Saturn in the 8th house is asexual, or not very interested in sex.
    -I also think that wherever Aquarius in our chart, it represents an area we're not very attached. For example, my sister has Aquarius IC and she's not emotional at all. I'm not saying that she is a cold person, but she's quite rational.
    -Can you please tell me what you think of this?

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