Spiritum Review

Will you find love?When the spirit moves you to seek guidance in embracing your true path, the innately talented psychics of Spiritum are ready to guide you. This global psychic network has firmly taken its place as the resource to help you connect (in your native language) to internationally respected psychics.

You might say Spiritum‘s destiny is pre-ordained. Its parent company, Eso.tv, produces psychic TV programs that are broadcast in 14 countries and eagerly watched by hundreds of thousands of viewers. As a result, you can anticipate the highest standards of authenticity, accuracy and insightfulness from your readings.

Need proof? Take a look at their range of psychics. Spiritum handpicks and carefully culls the finest psychics from each local country to provide top-quality guidance and advice, personalized exclusively for each seeker.

Each psychic has rigorously mastered ancient practices such as tarot card readings, numerology and astrology and/or is gifted with intuitive talents and abilities. And each is monitored consistently to help ensure they’re using heir innate gifts responsibly to guide seekers on their life path. Together, they represent a wide range of abilities, including spiritual guidance, energy readings, dream analysis, rune readings, channeling, and so much more.

And it’s so easy to connect! The site is designed to entice but not overwhelm you with quick and easy buttons that enable you to choose a psychic, talk free in video chat, or buy credits for a private reading. If you choose the talk free option, you can proceed by quickly clicking on the video box, which continuously displays a video of a chosen psychic. Or you can click on any of the profiles that display a prominent “Free Chat Now” bar.

Then you can engage the psychic you chose by asking any burning question on your mind. Have you met the life partner you’re destined to be with or should you give him or her the heave-ho? Do career success and prosperity await you right around the corner? Is someone dear to you indeed in a better place? Does the vivid dream you had last night mean a surprise you’ve long awaited is on its way?

Your fortuneSpiritum psychics personalize advice and guidance for you and the life you’re envisioning. By checking out the psychics’ profiles, you can clearly identify which ones are a good fit for you and make the most informed decision. There’s plenty to help you along; profiles are comprehensive and showcase tools, expertise, abilities, reading style, languages spoken, pricing, testimonials, even a short bio. Plus as an added bonus, you can discover how many others were ready helped by the psychic you’re considering and view their current ratings.

As a relatively new site, Spiritum is still in its growth mode. For example, there are no filtering screens and little that is extraneous here; the focus is clearly on the psychics. It takes a little navigating to reach the FAQ section, which is hidden under “Help” on the bottom of the page. We strongly suspect that more features and easier navigability will be added as the community continues to soar.

Still, there are a great many things that Spiritum is doing right. If you are new to the site, you can chat with a psychic who is marked as “currently available for Free Chat” for up to 10 minutes for free. That free chat is meant to be reassuring and it is; no investment is necessary to take advantage of Spiritum’s services.

Spiritum has dispensed with introductory offers…and who can blame them? It simply doesn’t get much better than “free.” Once you’ve satisfied yourself that your psychic understands your needs and situation, you can purchase credits, You can then engage in private two-way video chats or connect via messaging or phone…your choice. Each psychic sets his or her own pricing, starting at 99¢ a minute and based loosely upon expertise abilities. It’s up to you to determine the length of your reading; that way you’ll know up-front what your reading will cost without any surprises.

As you might expect from a company owned by Eos.tv, Spiritum is committed to complete satisfaction. If you are not completely happy with your reading, you will receive another reading for free from any psychic in their community.

The bottom line: Spiritum represents a fine value. Perhaps no other psychic network operating today offers so much multi-lingual support from the best psychic minds in a multitude of countries. When you add in the free no-risk introductory chat, there’s nothing to lose in checking out these gifted psychics. And perhaps, a whole new shining future to gain.

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  • Spiritum is a sleek little site that offers the chance to benefit from the psychic gifts of some of the industry’s best psychics without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. Owned by Eso.tv (the maker of psychic television programs that have hundreds of thousands of viewers and air in 14 countries around the world), Spiritum is a good site that connects users with caring, accurate and professional psychics and spiritualists of all disciplines. With thousands of satisfied users, we’re sure that many will find what they are looking for at Spiritum. Read on to find out more… When you first join Spiritum you will be asked to fill out a short user questionnaire that seeks to find out more about what sort of services you are interested in and the types of advice you would like. Once registered, you can view the large number of psychic profiles on the Spiritum site in order to find someone with gifts and experience that corresponds with what you are looking for. The profiles themselves are well laid out and simple to navigate, giving clear information about the types of readings each psychic is capable of providing. In addition, all profiles include extracts of testimonials and reviews that will help you decide which psychic you would like.


  • Somewhat unusually, when you join Spiritum you can chat with psychics for free using the Spiritum chat service in order to find a psychic you feel comfortable talking to and who you’re sure with be able to empathize with your issues. While you don’t get too much for free, this is a good feature nonetheless. When it comes to actually having your reading, you can choose to chat to your psychic through two-way video chat, messaging or by phone – whichever method you feel most comfortable with. In terms of cost, Spiritum’s pricing structure is put together in much the same way as other sites in this category. Each psychic sets his or her own pricing, on a per-minute basis, meaning it’s easy to understand in advance how much a reading will cost. This also means that users don’t have to have lengthy 30 or 40 minute readings every time – as the pricing is per-minute, so too can the readings be as long or short as you like. As a hallmark of the quality you can expect from Spiritum, all users benefit from the Spiritum guarantee – if you’re not completely happy with your reading, get another one for free with any psychic on the site.