About superpsychic

Psychic superpsychic has 20 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic superpsychic has recently helped 16092 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about superpsychic’s accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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****One of Top Experienced & Best reader working with oranum since they launched. I have vast experience of helping people here and I read with my blessed gifts . I give details clarity and answer to the question. I m expert in LOVE CAREER MOVEMENT DREAMS INTERPRETATIONS SPIRITUAL MATTERS and others aspects of life. Quality Reading is Guaranteed.


  1. super knows who i am. people can hurt me and he actually explains why. he tells me what is going on that makes people act the way they do,,,which normally makes no sense to me at all,,,I have learned so much from him, and feel so light after a reading. We are only here once and life is beautiful,,,,Live in the moment,,,,it took awhile but i am worrying less,,,,i always felt responsible for the bad way i was treated,,,,its them not me,,,,i can’t imagine talking to another psychic,,,,,i am bonded with him” … written by SUZANNE

  2. He is a really super Psychic: quick, good adviser and very honest. Thank you! You brightened my day.” … written by MarcoPolo

  3. Thank you sir for the clear reading! Much appreciated! 10 Stars for you!” … written by AR

  4. i wasnt done but he was very thorough with his reading and gave me very detailed reading.” … written by abby096911

  5. Wonderful, pointed out an area without me telling him. Very nice, positive and uplifting. Cannot wait to see what arises. Loved it.” … written by answers28

  6. Wow he’s definitely what his name is…SUPER PSYCHIC..!!!!!!!! TY I WILL B BACK..:)” … written by qndiva

  7. He’s very nice to talk to, good reading and I wish what he said will becomes true. Thank you so much” … written by Pam_mie

  8. Always on target and has given time frames and predictions that always come to past. ” … written by me here

  9. I’m hoping for the best… 🙁 wish I can afford more credits” … written by littlelight

  10. Thank you sir for your insight! Clear and well informed as always 🙂 10 Stars!” … written by AR

  11. Super is THE Best, he is Super! I adore this man. He has a very kind soul and phenomenal psychic abilities.” … written by Diana

  12. i’ve been getting readings from Superpsychic for i think 5 years now,,,,and alot has happened in my life in that time. He is always right….I was so overwhelmed by tonights reading that i told him I can’t leave specific comments coz its alot for me to take in. Just trust me about his accuracy and his blessed gift. I am blessed to have found him. Its very normal for me to have to request the email of our private chats and read them over. To all unbelievers out there,” … written by SUZANNE

  13. Over the years, I have become more confident of the path before me. Superpsychic always reminds me to trust God and nature. I sometimes lose my direction but he always helps me re-find the path I must be on. This reading was extraordinary in that he mentioned things that he could not have known. This was not to impress me but rather to help me understand my circumstances. Super is always so helpful but this was extraordinary. I am at peace now and have no doubt that his predictions (offered in true humility) will come to pass. TY dear friend for everything you do.” … written by Joseph

  14. Thank you super for all the great info!! I will come back for more another day, I can not add more credits at this time! I love super and he does a great job. Thank you super.” … written by f

  15. Perfect reading so sincere and was so happy after the storm there was so much positive vibes and just a beautiful reading. Thank you so much Superpsychic :)” … written by Chris

  16. Super always hits things, mentions and says things that I don’t ask or elaborate from the main question. His streams and thoughts are always on point and I take in his perspective and he’s says things that I didn’t necessary recognize in myself until he said it. It show’s his gifted ways and ability to detail a picture to you. I would always recommend Super. He helps me greatly and I can only be thankful. ” … written by Merrysinclair

  17. Seen him months ago and some things came to past. I came to see him for an update.” … written by cittylove

  18. checked in with you Super,,,,,asked your opinion re: if i should take a huge step in this crazy relationship,,,,,and i totally trust you,,,its done” … written by SUZANNE

  19. I truly love this guy, he is an amazing psychic and always makes me feel at peace and confident about the future for me. He is able to pick up everything around the situation causing you concern and remove any doubts you have about this as he can pick up energy and feelings so well. I am so lucky he is able to tell me such wonderful news for me and therefore give me faith and belief that happiness and peace awaits soon. I think that anyone wanting to know the truth as well as detailed information about your concerns than this man will offer great insight and knowledge which will give u peace and more understanding and so u need to consult with him soon.” … written by Tanya

  20. very accurate and on point!!.. Thank you soo much for an awesome reading.. I will definitely come back for another one ehe. May God Bless you :]” … written by randumb

  21. I trust this wonderful guy so much with all my heart. He is able to make u feel so uplifted and he is so caring and such a gentle soul and so powerful at the same time. If u are burdened he will help u no matter what the problem is and he can help u see past the sorrow and give u vision amd clarity for the future and what awaits. He taps into your soul and those arround u and can tell u what they are feeling so this can give u a better understanding and remove all doubts you maty have. He has seen great things for me and he knows how special they are for me and i thank him for guiding me and helping me ease my sorrows at a difficult time. I will always remeber u, for what u have done for me and I am sure u will hear from me again. I know now that my patience will have been worth it and I look forward to coming to u soon to tell u the good news. Thank u for your prayers and I send u all my love. YOU ARE SO GIFTED AND U R MY FRIEND. xxx Love and pace to u always ” … written by tanyaolivia64

  22. I trust this wonderful guy so much with all my heart. He is able to make u feel so uplifted and he is so caring and such a gentle soul and so powerful at the same time. If u are burdened he will help u no matter what the problem is and he can help u see past the sorrow and give u vision amd clarity for the future and what awaits. He taps into your soul and those arround u and can tell u what they are feeling so this can give u a better understanding and remove all doubts you maty have. He has seen great things for me and he knows how special they are for me and i thank him for guiding me and helping me ease my sorrows at a difficult time. I will always remeber u, for what u have done for me and I am sure u will hear from me again. I know now that my patience will have been worth it and I look forward to coming to u soon to tell u the good news. Thank u for your prayers and I send u all my love. YOU ARE SO GIFTED AND U R MY FRIEND. xxx Love and pace to u always ” … written by tanyaolivia64

  23. had a quick reading and was in detail.if concerns about any thing ,have a reading with him. He is spot on .I would give him 5star rating. well derserved. will come back if i need another reading,” … written by 2359

  24. i agree very positive person,very powerful reader makes you feel like you are talking to a true friend” … written by RG

  25. He has a very nice atmosphere in his room and this gives you the opportunity to have a relaxed private with him.” … written by NielDa

  26. connected with me and gave a quick and full reading. I enjoyed my reading ” … written by LadyL5

  27. Happy that he always clarifies my emotions and calms me down… Look forward to tell him how all went. He definatly deserve 5-stars. Thank you again for being there. ” … written by answers28

  28. fantastic reading, very positive and insightful reading, spot on and quick… thankyou!” … written by missdeane

  29. Super…Once again 5 Star Rating. Spot on and Quick reading. Ty my friend” … written by mozzy123

  30. Superpsychic always makes me feel at ease even through the most difficult times. He is very honest and clear with what he sees for you and is a very fast reader and also gives u as much details as possible as he connects very srtongly to your situation. He can answer any question u may have and you will always leave feeling at peace. Lovely man and makes u feel like your problems are shared and dissolved as he fills u with so much positivity and encouragement and the truth which he sees so clearly. A very accurate reader and very gifted.” … written by Tanya

  31. i’m looking forward to the changes! Thanks, I feel better!! 🙂 ” … written by Girly521

  32. This psychic Is amazing and he connects so quickly to situation. He is such a caring person and has helped me so so much and I appreciate this as he has filled me with hope and faith that what he has seen will come to pass. He has already predicted an event that has just happened :last week and now I await the one dearest to my heart. He has truly seen amazing things for me and I thank him for giving me strength to keep positive and calm and patient. If u want the truth you should see for yourself and you will have peace of mind as he is truly gifted. xxx” … written by tanyaolivia64

  33. My friend 🙂 Ty as always…your quick, detailed, and kind words go a long way! ” … written by mozzy123

  34. A very quick response to my questions ……………… I would recommend him in the future” … written by Groggy59

  35. Very nice and comforting. Love talking to him. Look forward to see what comes about. Thank you again” … written by answers28

  36. had a good reading was able to connect with me Greatly appreciate what u have done Many Thanks!!” … written by queenbee22

  37. Lovely man 🙂 very nice manner and told me what i needed to hear with intuition and honesty. i will sleep well tonight. Thank you superpsycic ” … written by Alex

  38. Lovely gentleman and very intuitive with his reading. He gets right to the heart of the issue with very little questions.” … written by Alex

  39. Very in tune with my situation, he is very accurate and sincere and has helped me a great deal. Blessings to him!” … written by arlinruth

  40. Thanks for being honest and clear. will pray for predictions to come true!” … written by rach82

  41. Thank you so much for everything u have done to help me. Superpsychic is an amazing psychic and genuinely want sto help you. He is very professional, very accurate, honest and so so gifted. He raises me up when I am losing hope and sees my positive outcome and I trust him like a true friend. I send u love. xxx” … written by tanyaolivia64

  42. Great psychic, very fast and accurate I will be coming back! :)” … written by Summerfalling


  44. This psychic is a very special soul abd truly wants to help u resove all your concerns. He has seen everything for me so clearly and I await outcome nowandamp;lt; which is very near. A very gifted psychic and he always calms me down and helps me keep positive. I trust him. Thank u so much for all you have done for me. xxx I will come back to you when I have good news, as u have seen this for me so vividly.” … written by tanyaolivia64

  45. He is so good he soothing and healing my bad thoughts, he is best and a good heart and very positive on his reading, i cant wait to see the results to come. thanks again my friend.” … written by hot and cold

  46. Superpsychic has the perfect name I think he is truly super. He had tuned into me so fast with clarity he truly, truly is a gifted man, and has helped me so very much and he is just wonderful! I am very happy that I found him here at Oranum Lucky me!” … written by arlinruth

  47. Once again, told me exactly what i should know… not what i wanted to know :] Thank you for helping me out and giving me bucha good advices.. you are highly appreciated! God Bless :}” … written by randumb

  48. A truly gifted psychic advisor and cares about your concern. Very insightful, caring and helpful and tune into your situation so well.. Thank u o much for wonderful things u have seen for me. I appreciate all you have done and in keeping me calm and positive. ” … written by tanyaolivia64

  49. Truly a gifted and grace-filled blessing to the UNIVERSE!!! He connected to me and my situation instantly and affirmed all the truth that is purposed for my life. What a divine gift I received via super psychic!!!” … written by beautywithinone

  50. So amazing as always and so precise in picking up your concern and feelings around u and very helpful and very detailed insights.He has seen many wonderful and positive things for me and one has already occurred as he saw so it so clearly and now the final outcome will unfold no doubt exactly as he has predicted for me. He is very confident and gives honest insights. He is extremely accurate with timing and with love concerns and has given me courage, peace of mind and hope and been there when I thought that all hope was gone, and I thank u for everything u have done. Love , Tanya xxx” … written by Tanya

  51. A very lovely reading with kindness and honest feedback. He is gifted in his readings. ” … written by sacredlove71

  52. He is cute 😉 sorry, but its true! I liked him. He seemed to be honest and another psychic told me 3-4 days ago that he would contact me by the weekend, so it must going to happen. I hope it does and i will be excited because i love and miss him so much and it hurts when he gets cold on me like this. He has done this in the past so many times, that i don’t think i would have the patience to hold on too much longer before i just move on bc I love and care for him and i do treat him very well, so i caint wait for us to look into each others eyes again in couple days. Merry Christmas and thank you!” … written by kookie123

  53. He was nice to chat with, so i do know that time frames can be hard to predict, depending on the person and believe me the person in question here is definetely a horse of a different color Thanks Anyway!!” … written by kookie123


  55. very helpful , kind, and picked up on what i was feeling…thank you” … written by sunshine70

  56. Once again he picked up on things right away. So very helpful and kind with his guidance. Very accurate and a great reading! ” … written by sacredlove71

  57. Very good reading. Detailed and seemed to understand the situation. I hope it all turns out and I will be back. Thankyou” … written by Tracie

  58. This man is very honest and types very fast. I didn’t have enough credits, but he gave me honest answers very fast. I will soon to have another private chat with SuperPsychic!” … written by aGirlWantTruth

  59. Very good energy. I think he is very genuine. It matches also with the othr psich I liked that I consulted. He feels very very kind. I recommend!” … written by Prilla

  60. Positive person, gives a lot of good advice from a caring perspective. He gives an accurate reading, but focuses on how to make life better, even in bad times. I would recommend.” … written by bustemup

  61. This guy is the REAL DEAL if you looking for a real psychic hes the real deal come and get a reading by him hes great and very nice will help all bcuz he helped me with many of my problems and gave true predictions so try him out ur self! By the way Thanks sooooo Much Superpsychic hope to talk to u soon Jody xoxoxoxo” … written by Jodymccallum

  62. Really good and pleasant conversations. And a good reading for my questions. Will surtenly come back again for more readings :-)” … written by Alena72

  63. Super Psychic is great… He is truly genuine and he will not waste your time or mislead you… He gave me an awesome reading with lots of dedication… Everyone try a private reading with Super psychic 🙂 ” … written by Annoymous 24…

  64. Thanks for your reading you have put my mind at rest and my patiens to the test! My heart will endevour to succeed….A great and straight forward reading from a very insightful person. Your advice is taken with gratitude, hope, purpose and meaning.. Thank you x” … written by thecaton

  65. A very gifted reader who sees things as they are and gives good guidance. Most helpful!” … written by sacredlove71

  66. Superpsychic has a great ability to see the situation and know what’s going on. My concern was a tricky one and only a true psychic would have read it correctly. Thankyou Super 🙂 ” … written by reeree1

  67. Hi Superpsychic, thank you for a great reading. I will come back to update you on your prediction 🙂 xxx” … written by Me

  68. Wonderful read! He was very accurate and hit the nail on the head with the situation that I’m dealing with. He gave me great advice about how to move forward in my relationship. Very great psychic! Highly recommended!” … written by NiVanya

  69. thanks for your advises i sure wont forget and i will be back ” … written by jpferreira51291

  70. I just had to stop back in to let you all know that had had readings with super and he was right about everything!” … written by Jodymccallum

  71. Thank you once again my buddyyy!! great and awesome reading as usual. God Bless :]” … written by randumb

  72. Wonderful as always – he gives a great reading and is positive and provides good advice!” … written by sacredlove71

  73. From being a sad person he gave me hope and good news. I am very grateful and can now sleep well with a renewed look on my situation. THANK YOU!” … written by angel_hugs

  74. The name speaks for itself! He really is super! Made me feel so much better about my situation, and gave me sound advice. Will definitely follow it. Looking forward to his predictions coming to pass. Highly Recommend!” … written by wing-mei

  75. Superpsychic is truly amazing and will always try to do all he can to make u understand the issue and will answer any questions u have. He connects to my energy so well and alwlays leaves me with a sense of peace and positivity no matter how troubling the matter is. He has given me accurate predictions. He is very honest and very reassuring. and will only tell u the truth and he has seen everything so clearly for me. Thanks for helping me keep the hope alive. xxx” … written by Tanya

  76. Super understands how I feel and is always there for me to help ease my burdens, as he fills me with great hope. He is so gentle and kind and like a friend and takes my matter upon himself very seriously to give me peace of mind and comfort. He is warmhearted and genuine and will help you feel better and calm . He has brought positivity back again and given me courage to keep patience and faith. He is remarkably intuitive and gifted and will answer all your questions with ease. He always connects so well to my circumstances and gives me detailed insights. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP ALWAYS.XXXXX” … written by tanyaolivia64

  77. great reading!!! he is right to the point!!! no BS!!! trust me you wont regret it!!!!!!” … written by angelblue

  78. great reading!!! he is right to the point!!! no BS!!! trust me you wont regret it!!!!!!” … written by angelblue

  79. Very nice, comforting, encouraging and very sincere. Feels like talking to a brother…..The time spent with superpsychic is worth. I will get back to you soon. I will not forget this psychic. He is trully SUPER.” … written by Ladyinred3

  80. It is always a pleasure to have a reading with Superpsychic. He is very caring and genuine and gives very fast insights. He seems to be able to tap ito feelings of those around you and he really helps me stay positive even when it is very hard to. He has helped me keep my hope alive and gives great guidance. A VERY GIFTED PSYCHIC. Always genuine and like a friend. Thanks xxx” … written by Tanya

  81. He sees such great things – I hope for all these to come true :)!! Wonderful reader :)!!” … written by sacredlove71

  82. The reading he gave me gave me comfort and hope. It also advise me on what to do. Very caring and honest person. He truly feels what i am going through. So sweet of him when he told me that he wants me to be happy too! I really want to because that is all i ever wanted to be. I will do the advise he gave me and I will definitely come back to do another reading with him. I highly recommend him because he is spot on. he knows what others are feeling. He is in tune of my situation. Thank you Superpsychic! nowonder your screen name is super because you are =) God Bless” … written by connette

  83. Very good….goose bumps so quick to respond and if i pass the exam and my honey comes for me…so accurate . I will ask for him again to thank him….Thanks Superpsychic!” … written by confused2012

  84. Another amazing reading and very uplifting. This psyhic is a truly gifted and beautiful soul and truly wants to help you and he feels your despair and pain. He has seen wonderful things for me and I will trust in him as I know all he has seen will come to me as hard as it is to keep positive he tries to give me clarity and understanding as much as he can. He does not want me to lose hope, and the first prediction has already occurred and now I need to wait for final outcome. He is like a true friend and offers comfort when all around me seems difficult. He picks up on feelings of others and this helps me to remain a little more patient. Thank you xx” … written by tanyaolivia64

  85. Thanks a lot for all the positivity and the accuracy about the situation. I am happy to hear all you said. And, I am looking forward to the predictions to come back very soon. All the best! ” … written by Den

  86. So positive and helpful – very kind and picks up on things very well!” … written by sacredlove71

  87. Extremely helpful, informative, encouraging, kind, patient, clear accurate reading, gave advice on personal life, work life, and all round in general all in one reading, clarity was given in which avenues that was good and bad for me very quick and spot on psychic abilities, will do another pvt for my mom(bonus a fast typer as well which is a plus in my book – ty superpsychic!) ” … written by saskia82

  88. I am very saddened by the reading but I believe he speaks truth and I have got to move on in my life as best as I can. With the help of the Lord I will be able to get through this very,very difficult pain of having my heart break absolutely in two.” … written by inlovewithhim

  89. He was really nice and helpful. Accurate, fast and truly meant to help me. I highly recommend him. thank you. ” … written by blueberrypigs

  90. As always Super lives up to his name. I had another amazing reading and he always tunes into my situation with so much ease and gives me detailed insights, and predictions. He has helped me so much with his positivity and all he has seen with me which is always very consistent and his first prediction has occurred already last November and i look forward to the happiness he has seen for me. He is like a friend and has brought me peace.” … written by tanyaolivia64

  91. Awesome!!! One of my favorites! accurate and positive dose of energy” … written by timegirl

  92. He is awesome….whatever he says comes out true…he is an excellent advisor….will definitely come back to him for more…” … written by afsha21

  93. He channels a very positive energy that brings calm and peace to your heart. He also gave me hope when I needed it and at the time when I couldn’t really understand what’s happening. He’s a genuinely nice person” … written by Phresh2

  94. My update is awesome! Everytime I chat with him, he gives me a lot of peace and comfort. He truly connects with me and I love him for that. I thank you so much for the encouragement! You are the best. I trust in you a lot! Thank you!” … written by connette

  95. Thanks for the positive and good energy! I am looking forward to coming back after the predictions. Kind regards. ” … written by ColorfulSkies

  96. Clear and accurate. was honest felt good to get confirmation of my thoughts. offered very good advise. overall very good reading.” … written by peace2u2

  97. A very good reading, he told me things I kind of already knew about, that could worry me, but he also told me to be calm…. 🙂 thankfully! I will return 🙂 very good reading!!” … written by dashley1958

  98. This guy really connected with me physically mentally and spiritually. He is all about helping the good of mankind. He really truly cares. I will always keep him in my prayers cause this guy, THIS GUY, has put the sparkle back in my heart, my mind, my eyes, and my body. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU KIND SIR. MUCH LOVE. ALWAYS AND FOREVER” … written by swanhallswims

  99. He was wonderful! Very kind and jumped right in. Very quick and to the point. I would highly recommend!” … written by scadoodle

  100. Right On Target! The Nicest Man. Honest and accurate, Great Reading. A pleasure to work with. 5 Star rating” … written by swiftcats64


  102. Thanks for the wonderful update! With your guidance, I am becoming to be more positive. Thank you!” … written by connette

  103. Good reading. Confirm what I had been told before and added valuable details. ” … written by Retsy44

  104. I liked this man he is very gentle and kind, I would have liked him to elaborate a bit more but he was good.” … written by Katja87

  105. Great guy, ask him with confidence, he is accurate and real, he has the gift. ” … written by vjrei01

  106. He was very good with my questions, and gave me some hope as to my renewal of my relationship.” … written by nasgirl

  107. Very fast with answers,thoughtful andamp;amp; compassionate man.He offered lots of helpful information. Thank you” … written by av

  108. I was disappointed he did not use tarot cards when asked but used his abilities instead. He also warned me when I was running out of time, Very nice.” … written by jswede1149

  109. Thanks a lot for the update and motivation, I am looking forward to coming back to take some more news and to tell about the predictions. ” … written by hopeladybird

  110. First time getting a reading from him….thanks..your awesome….I like that you tell me when I’m running out of time…i will let you know if your predictions come true.” … written by xxsunkist84xx


  112. I have been seeing someone that I want to start a serious relationship with. I haven’t pushed for that though because I believe that things should happen in a very natural way. But someone else was also wanting the same thing with him and was pushing hard for that. Superpsychic told me of this woman on Thursday morning and also told me that he wouldn’t accept her but would accept me. On that same day he let this woman know he was not interested. I only know this because of her social network page. I was shocked at how quick what he told me happen. But at same time, very happy!! Thanks! I’ll be back!” … written by Deborah

  113. Very quick on picking up the situation. gave me a lot advices which will be helpful for my current situation” … written by nk063011

  114. Very caring and talented…he doesn’t use anything except his gift to help you and bring you peace…will be back!” … written by wendic

  115. Compassionate and kind . Extremely peaceful and positive. Loved the positive feedback would definitely recommend” … written by madame1

  116. Great reading, picks up instantly and answers as quickly as he can. No time wasting. Picks up on the situation well x” … written by ladybird05

  117. Excellent reading! Sorry I had to cut off abruptly but he was spot on.” … written by iPreferMimi

  118. Thank you for the private reading. It was a wonderful advice you have given me. I will return back when i buy more credits.” … written by Jackie401801

  119. He was so kind and informational. Spot on with everything. I will continue to stay in touch.” … written by comfynumb2010

  120. Superpsychic was amazing in his reading. I was really blown away with his accuracy, Also gives great advice, Looking forward to more readings with him in the future. I highly recommend him. I give him 5**** Give him a try you won’t be disappointed.” … written by Lucy117

  121. Superpsychic is amazing in his accuracy during readings. I was blown away, also gives great advise, definitely looking forward to more future readings. with him. I give him a 5***** give him a chance you won’t be disappointed.” … written by Lucy117

  122. Wonderful! a good friend! and extremely accurate! amazing.. really suggest him!” … written by vansab

  123. Great reading – looking forward to your predications coming true. I will stay in touch” … written by michele64

  124. Very accurate! Great insight as always. I’ve come back to him a couple times. All information he’s given me has always been accurate!! Great psychic! Highly recommended. ” … written by NiVanya

  125. Did give a lot of info…very inspiring..hope it works out.thanx.god bless u” … written by rani4you

  126. Thanks a lot, will be back for an update, hope the predictions will come true. All best! ” … written by Faraways

  127. Thank you so much, you are super 🙂 you have great energy, and are so positive…. big smiles and hugs for you. I will let you know how its going, thank you so much. everyone… this guy is awesome :)” … written by deborah

  128. Very quick and straight fwd answers ..caring and understanding explains situation very clearing and gives reassurance Thank you so much ” … written by elena8014


  130. He assessed the situation and was correct with what he said. He leaves me with hope.” … written by laural

  131. Definitely intuitive, and can read very well. We were out of time, but the reading was good.” … written by lifeismosaic

  132. Superpsychic,is a compassionate guy,he was kind and got alot off heart and ready to listen to ur problems.he was patient and does is job well.i give him a 5 stars,thank you super for ur help,and kindness,i recomend super to anyone who is looking to get a reading done,keep up the good work buddy.” … written by candyapplered

  133. Hes was soooo,awsom thanks sups matey i recomend him to anyone who wants have a reading.i will be back to have another reading.thanks again super.x” … written by candyapplered

  134. Excellent intuition…really guides you in how to and when to do things at right time…” … written by afsha21

  135. He is very sincere and will give you advice to make things better for you.” … written by jdlawson3

  136. Super Continues to be the Blessed gift not only to the world but to my life…he is simply Wonderful and filled with much love and light…I recommend him highly” … written by beautywithinone

  137. He was absolutely brilliant! so accurate, couldn’t have read my situation better! give him a try you won’t be sorry!” … written by kel

  138. Very nice and straightforward. Not a time waster. And he at least appears to care. ;-)” … written by abecky

  139. Read the situation very clearly empathically. Thank you, look foward to the unfolding. ” … written by heartnsoul

  140. HE IS EXTREMELY gOOD!!!! I THOUGHT HE WAS VERY ACCURATE AND TO THE POINT!!!!!!” … written by sweets123

  141. I really really enjoyed the reading. We will see how accurate he was, but, he hit the nail on the head exactly on a situation, from just a name and birth date. So from that standpoint he was VERY intuitive, and I will go back to him for another reading soon. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing psychic advice. Thank you for my reading today!!!!!!!!! It was awesome.” … written by Yoshi1

  142. This guy needs to get a five star for sure please give a try he is really good i recomend it thanks super again for your help.” … written by candyapplered

  143. Totally awesome sweet and caring reader …conects very well to ur situation…didnt have to give information he connects to you n wat ur wanting to know and is honet about his answers false hopes given but very compassionate when its something ur not expecting to hear…Thank you so much superpsychic” … written by elena8014

  144. He is fantastic and soothing and quick. I’m excited to see what’s coming my way.” … written by New Me

  145. He i such an amazing reader very detailed and fast to give you the most out of every reading very clear and honest answers with positive reinforcement …the truth may not be easy to hear but he always reassures that things will be ok you just have to stay positive :)I Thank you sooo much ” … written by elena8014

  146. He is very understanding and detailed. He answers all your questions you may have.” … written by jdlawson3

  147. Great as always….very soothing and positive messages every thime I come to private with him…will be back!” … written by wendic

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