Tarot and the Zodiac with Bob Hickman Psychic Medium

Gather round as I share my insights on the Tarot and Zodiac.
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  1. I love this topic! I call my reading "business" The Star and The Moon Tarot. The Star is also my favorite card, Bob. lol. We are always twinning.

  2. Yes, once ago – not too far off… I really did enjoy playing with Tarot. ( However, some new kinds of concepts will enter – and some deeper questions will emerge.) Facing The Future, with New Kinds of Technology available can be scary. = Enjoy the things you do have.

  3. LOVE this video =) and yes Bob, I do make use of a specific card for each sign that I may be reading for. Sometimes I place it at the top of the spread when I read for a specific zodiac sign. Blessings & hugs to you always )O(

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