Unique UFO Documentary – 1975 (Remastered) – Psychic Research, Witchcraft, Hollow Earth Theory

Another UFO classic; cleaned it up as best I could. The topics within this documentary are extremely diverse, yet tied to the UFO phenomena. I really get a kick out of watching some of these old films. Hope you enjoy it.

Bermuda Triangle @ 16:20
Psychic Research @ 23:19
Kirlian Photography @ 30:22
Witchcraft @ 39:45
An EXCELLENT take on UFOs @ 44:58
Alien Abduction @ 46:51
2 UFO Films from Smithsonian Institute @ 58:24
Hollow Earth Theory @ 1:00:37

This film was released under the following titles: Journeys From Beyond Earth AKA Journeys Into The Occult AKA Mysteries From Beyond Earth

To list just a few topics discussed in this film:
HG Wells, War of the Worlds, Aliens, Stonehenge, Bermuda Triange, Other Dimensions, Parapsychology, Lost City Of Atlantis, Telepathy ,Psychokinesis, Aliens, Alien Abduction, UFOs, ESP, Kirlian Photography, Witchcraft, Hollow Earth Theory
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  1. RE: the opening of this presentation and time stamp 2:07 please know that intelligence is not the same as knowledge and that a civilization populated with people no more intelligent than Human Beings may be quite capable of seeming vastly superior to Human Beings because they have accumulated knowledge and or wisdom that Humans may have once also had in another cycle of Humanity in Earth. At least as important as intelligence is wisdom if not of greater impotence to the well being and stability of a civilization. Knowledge without wisdom is as a sweet poison in Earth and intelligence is by no means a guarantee of survival, stability and or wisdom. Just my opinion

  2. Fairytales my ass every movie is TRUE! Everybody knows that! Seriously the Giants thing sound so crazy it has to be true. But, Pyramids could be the outlet UFO's use to get here. The Pyramid itself is an enigma the Ancients knew much more than we do cuz they didn't have the boob tube to dumb them down.Some guy didn't just dream up Giants they had to have existed.RH neg red haired ones. You know the Urban myth that all redheaded woman are bitches? Well, it is no myth. It is true if you ever dated one you know. I think these older UFO shows are more informative and better than the new ones!

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