Vlog: Psychic Bob Travels to See Famous Art in Washington DC

Hey Tubies! Come along with me as I take a trip to Washington DC to see famous art!
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  1. That's awesome, Bob. I was in Maryland for a 2-month period this past fall & every weekend we'd go see the sights in DC. The National Gallery of Art was one place I didn't get to see enough of. I only saw the Japanese Footbridge, a Dali painting, and a few others. There is just so much to see. Thanks for sharing & letting me see a bit more!

  2. Beautiful birdsong sounds when you were talking about the dome Psychic Bob. Just loved this video in Washington, lots of greenery, so gorgeous. In fact I found the birdsong in the whole of your video very relaxing and peaceful. Blessings to you ☺☺??

  3. Hi Bob, thanks for sharing. I have a question, the brick you have from the old (original) building, are you able to pick up on any residual energies from it??

  4. wow Bob Thank you beautiful soul for sharing all this, I really enjoyed everything. Amazing and the place where you worked too was fun hearing about you and your Dad. Blessings to you ♡♡♡

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