Vlog: Psychic Bob Travels to See Famous Art in Washington DC

Hey Tubies! Come along with me as I take a trip to Washington DC to see famous art!
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  1. That's awesome, Bob. I was in Maryland for a 2-month period this past fall & every weekend we'd go see the sights in DC. The National Gallery of Art was one place I didn't get to see enough of. I only saw the Japanese Footbridge, a Dali painting, and a few others. There is just so much to see. Thanks for sharing & letting me see a bit more!

  2. Beautiful birdsong sounds when you were talking about the dome Psychic Bob. Just loved this video in Washington, lots of greenery, so gorgeous. In fact I found the birdsong in the whole of your video very relaxing and peaceful. Blessings to you ☺☺??

  3. wow Bob Thank you beautiful soul for sharing all this, I really enjoyed everything. Amazing and the place where you worked too was fun hearing about you and your Dad. Blessings to you ♡♡♡

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